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Welcome to THINaddictives.com

THINaddictives® delicious "so thin soo crunchy sooo addictve cookies" are a cherished family recipe passed on from generation to generation. How lucky are we to have the last of a generation, our mother, to see our state of the art facility producing her famous almond thin cookie. Our gift to the past generations is to strive to keep the cookie to look as hand made as if it came out of their warm loving kitchen. What sets us apart is that no two THINaddictives ® cookie look alike. We cherish keeping the past with the future. We bring the homemade feel of the past and combine it with the precision, safety & technology of the future.

Please let us take this opportunity to thank you for enjoying our delicious twice baked thin crunchy cookies!!!!!

It has been a pleasure to get you all "addicted" to our family's treasured cookie. We thank all our wonderful customers for your patronage and loyalty over the last 15 years. We take enormous pride in producing a home made style cookie with the utmost care, precision and passion. We have enjoyed all your e-mails, phone calls and letters and we are ready to finally service you online!!